“Quantum recently carried out a complex re-roofing and upgrading project of a 60,000 sq.ft. warehouse at Parkhouse Interchange, Newcastle-Under-Lyme for London based Newcombe Estates. This involved the complete replacement of the 1980’s asbestos roof and re-fitting of the offices. The three month project was carried out during one of the worst winters in recent history but was completed successfully.”

Newcombe Estates

Projects - JCB World Parts
JCB World Parts

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JCB World Parts
Waterloo Park, Uttoxeter
JC Bamford Excavators
JCT 2005 with Quantities
68 Weeks (staggered 2 phases)
Brownhill Hayward Brown
Structural Engineer:
Couch Consulting Engineers
Download Project Specification Sheet PDF

Initially conceived as a 5,600m2 (60,280ft2) extension to the existing JCB World Parts Centre. Midway through the construction process the Client’s requirements were reappraised and a decision made to double the capacity of the building and proportionately reduce the external
hardstanding areas.

Quantum Construction Ltd quickly gave every assistance to the Client’s design team and helped initiate the changes as economically as possible, given the circumstances.

In order to assist a proportion of usage of the partially constructed first phase, a temporary weather proof screen was erected across the full gable of the building at the point
where the further extension work would commence.

The final design for the project incorporated a high level of service integration with existing facilities. This was particularly relevant when constructing additional office facility, of some
1,275m2 (13,725ft2), within the existing building.

During the whole period construction works were closely aligned with Client activities to ensure JCB production was not adversely effected.